Music education in school

A great music education in school would include:

  • at least one hour of classroom music teaching for key stages 1 to 3 (years 1 to 9)
  • access to lessons across a range of instruments, and for singing
  • opportunities to join your school choir or vocal group
  • opportunities to join your school ensemble, band or group (such as an orchestra or rock band)
  • opportunities to have your music heard – for example, in concerts, competitions or shows
  • opportunities to go to live performances at least once a year
  • opportunities to take music qualifications in secondary school – for example:
    • GCSEs
    • A levels
    • vocational technical qualifications (VTQs)
    • graded music exams

The hub offers a wide range of support to schools that include

  • Whole Class Ensemble Tuition
  • Individual and small group instrumental and vocal tuition
  • live music roadshows
  • Voice Festivals
  • EYFS training and festival
  • Instrument hire/loan scheme
  • School staff training CPD (both online and face-to-face)
  • Support in delivering a quality music curriculum