School music development plans

This page contains support for Primary Schools when designing their Music Development Plan as outlined in the new National Plan for Music Music Education (NPME).

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National Plan for Music – A toolkit to producing and evaluating your Music Development Plan

The new National Plan for Music Education (NPME) was launched in June 20222 and outlines how music should be delivered in schools.


The toolkit is set out by Swindon Music Service as a part of our Curriculum Support offer. It will take you through each four steps: undertaking and evaluation of your current music offer (Audit), write your development Plan, periodically undertake a Heath-check to review and improve your plan using a three level approach (Bronze, Silver & Gold) .

STEP 1 –  is to undertake a an evaluation (assess where you you are now and where you would like to be? How will you get there?)

STEP 2 – Set out your Vision (You plan should assist in putting music at the heart of your school)

STEP 3 – is writing your Development Plan (Write your plan – how you will achieve your vision and ensure the key features identified int the NPME are achieved)

STEP 4 – Reviewing and improving through a Health-check approach (use our three level – Bonze, Silver & Gold levels to map improvement)

School Music Development Plan (SMDP)

Every school should be able to articulate their plan for delivering high-quality music education and supporting pupils to progress, just as they would in any other curriculum subject.  This should be connected to the school’s wider offer and development, as supported by their school improvement plans and, where relevant, trust improvement plans… [and] how the school  will staff  and fund this provision. [NPME pg 21]