Write you Music Development Plan

Step 2

Now you need to create a vision.

The NPME says that a Music Development Plan can help a school to:

  • engage critically with its music offer
  • feed music into the wider school improvement
  • open dialogue with music services/hubs, both to enhance in-school provision and connect pupils to broader opportunities out of school
  • publicise their ,music offer to puts and parents, including on the school website, so they have an understanding of what to expect

Step 3

Write your plan

Music in Schools

Schools are encouraged to aim high with their music provision, to embed and exceed the national curriculum and to support their pupils to realise their musical potential

Model of music education originally created by Hampshire County Council’s Music Service, 2013.

All rights reserved

A high-quality school music education consists of three distinct, but interlinked areas of provision:

  • Curriculum music, compulsory from key stages 1 – 3, then optional for examination classes (e.g GCSE, vocational and technical qualifications and A level)
  • Instrumental and vocal lessons, and ensemble membership
  • Musical events and opportunities, such as singing in assemblies, concerts and shows, and trips to professional concerts

Now its time to reflect on the completed Health-check (audit) to assist you producing your plan

The NPME says that: “All schools should produce a Music Development Plan in a form that works for them, and while producing one is not a statutory requirement, we would encourage schools to develop them over the course of the next academic year (i.e. from September 2022), to help drive improvements in provision for all children and young people, with the aim of having a revised or new Music Development Plan in place for the academic year 2023/24 at the latest” NPME pg 22)


The music hub will run CPD sessions online from time to time.  Check the CPD section of the website to see when they are available. HERE

If you need more focussed individual support, you can book an online session with one of our schools outreach officers  HERE

You can download a Music Development Plan template HERE or simply design your own.