To be implemented in September 2024 The hub outlines how it supports the 5 functions set out below

Five Strategic Functions


Take a leading role in building a sustainable, local infrastructure for high-quality music education and music-making, in partnerships with schools, early years and other education providers, community music organisations, and other regional and national youth music organisations.  Capture this offer in a Local Plan for Music Education

See how the hub supports partnerships


Support all state-funded schools in the area through ongoing relationships to help them deliver high-quality music education, including a quality curriculum support offer, specialist tuition, instruments and ensembles; and a broad range of progression routes and musical experiences for all pupils.


Progression & Musical Development

Support children and young people to develop and progress with music, including into national or specialist opportunities, higher education and employment, so that the chance to be involved in high-quality music-making is shared widely in our society.  Support children and young people to access the wider world of music, including live performance and community music.



Drive broad access to music education, so every child has the opportunity to participate irrespective of their circumstances, background, where they live or their SEND.



Ensure the strategic, financial, and operational sustainability of the music hub by:

  1. supporting a dynamic and well-trained workforce
  2. leveraging DfE funding to develop wider investment into young people’s music from a range of sources and revenue streams
  3. being accountable and transparent by publishing plans, needs analysis and impact data
  4. considering and acting in the hub’s environmental responsibilities.